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Home Visitors Training Courses

Training in topics to help professionals who work in the home and community with clients receiving healthcare services.

PQAS Instructor

  • Safety for the Home Visitor - Safety for Home Visitors discusses the needs of home visitors to be aware of potential threats to safety out in the field and gives helpful techniques and tips on prevention and decreasing risks. (1 credit hour) Buy Now ($30)

  • Cultural Competency - Training to help increase awareness, understanding and appreciation of different perspectives and cultural influences when working with families in their home communities.
  •   • Working with Rural Poor Families - "The module on Cultural Competence Working with Rural Families was eye opening. It requires the therapist to examine their own value system and how it affects their treatment delivery." -TK  (1 credit hour) Buy Now ($30)
  •   • Working with Amish Families - Working with Amish families in their community presents both challenges and learning opportunities to the home visitor or anyone in health services. (1 credit hour) Buy Now ($30)
  •   • Deaf Culture - This course describes how the Deaf culture is more than a means of communication among the Deaf community, and the characteristics of the culture, including differences between Oral and ASL approaches and their effect on Deaf culture. (2 credit hour) Buy Now ($55)
  •   • Multi-Cultural Competency - The purpose of this course will be to apply general principals to examples based on cultural practices more specific to ancestry or country of origin. (1 credit hour) Buy Now ($30)

  • Universal Precautions - for the Home Visitor - How to protect the home visitor and client families from common viruses, spread of infections and parasitic infestations. (1 credit hour) Buy Now ($30)

  • Fire Safety and Evacuation - for the Home Visitor - Smart Fire Safety tips for home visitors and their families with fun activities to share with children and families embedded in the course.
    (1 credit hour) Buy Now ($30)

  • CMS Compliance - for the Home Visitor - Compliance Module for staff who provide services in the home or community describing requirements as stipulated by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. (1 credit hour) Buy Now ($30)