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Pediatric Therapy Courses

Designed to augment and increase basic to advanced knowledge and practical skills for professionals working in a range of pediatric therapeutic settings.

  • Asperger’s Syndrome - Instructor: Erin Naggy, BS, OTR/L - This basic course describes Asperger’s Syndrome, signs, management, treatments and therapies utilized.
    (1 credit hour) Buy Now ($30)

  • Feeding Intervention in Infants and Young Children - Instructor: Erin Naggy, BS, OTR/L - Difficulty in feeding affects every aspect of a child’s life, including the ability to grow, learn, and form relationships.  Eating is an essential daily living skill that requires overall motor ability, specific oral motor function, sensory perception, social skills, and cognitive function.  Pre-requisites for feeding include:  integrity of oral structures, intact cranial nerves for the activation of swallowing, social aspects, and culture. (4 credit hours) Buy Now ($90)

  • The Premature Infant and Early Intervention - Instructor: Kelly Mallon, MSPT, PCS - This course defines prematurity and  discusses the impact of prematurity on development for the Early Interventionist. PA PT Board Approved for CEUs. (1 credit hour) Buy Now ($30)

  • Fitness for Children with Disabilities - Instructor: Joe Schreiber, PT, PhD, PCS - This course covers health, fitness and wellness relative to children with disabilities and the impact of inactivity, motor control impairment and environmental barriers. Cardio-respiratory, muscle strength, endurance and fitness measures are explored for various age groups. This presentation is an audio course with supporting slides, printable lesson, and downloadable MP3 audio which can be listened to anytime, anywhere. PA PT Board Approved for CEUs. (2 credit hours) Buy Now ($55)

  • Gross Motor Development: The First Two Years - Instructor: Cynthia Molitor, PT, MS, PCS - This course looks at the development of critical foundation skills for gross motor development which occur from birth until 24 months and their impact on other developmental domains. The course is intended for therapists and teachers working with children in birth to five programs to help increase understanding of the interrelatedness of all developmental domains. PA PT Board Approved for CEUs. PQAS instructor (2 credit hours) Buy Now ($55)

  • Understanding and Applying Sensory Integration - Instructor: Erin Naggy, BS, OTR/L - Basic understanding of Sensory Integration and treatment for Occupational Therapists and related professionals working with children. Videos of treatment ideas are included. (1 credit hour) Buy Now ($30)

  • Taping for Function in Pediatrics - Instructor: Cynthia Molitor, PT, MS, PCS - The background for and use of taping techniques using Leukotape, Hypafix and Kinesiotape to correct common postural and functional problems seen with pediatric clients. This course includes a printable manual of lessons with photos of each taping technique. Videos and patient photos are used within the course to illustrate problems and taping to correct. PA PT Board Approved for CEUs. (6 credit hours) Buy Now ($135)

  • Treatment of Torticollis in Infants and Toddlers - Instructor: Kelly Mallon, MSPT, PCS - Torticollis is an increasing diagnosis in pediatrics. This course describes torticollis, differential diagnosis, prognosis and treatment and discharge suggestions using photo examples and videos.
    PA PT Board Approved for CEUs
    Audience: PT, OT, PTA, COTA. (2 credit hours) Buy Now ($55)

  • Supporting Families who have Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder - Instructor: Joanne Palermo M. Ed. - In this course you will learn helpful skills for working with families who have a child with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. You will gain useful insight into the parent/family perspective and how the family as a whole is impacted. (2 credit hours) Buy Now ($55)