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Pediatric Courses

Asperger's Syndrome (1 Credit) - This course describes Asperger’s Syndrome, signs, management, treatments and therapies utilized. PA  PT, OT and SLP/A Boards Approved

Gross Motor Development (2 Credits) - Applicable to: This course is intended for PTs and OTs, Speech Therapists, Teachers and EI SCs who want to have a basic understanding of gross motor development during the critical first 2 years. PA  PT and OT Boards Approved

The Premature Infant and EI (1 Credit) - This course defines prematurity and discusses the unique factors and the impact of prematurity on development for the planning interventions by therapists. PA  PT, OT, and SLP/A Boards Approved

Understand and Applying Sensory Integration (1 Credit) - Basic understanding of Sensory Integration and treatment for Occupational Therapists and related professionals working with children. Videos of treatment ideas are included. PA  PT, OT, and SLP/A Boards Approved

Supporting Families who have Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (2 Credits) - In this course you will learn helpful skills for working with families who have a child with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. You will gain useful insight into the parent/family perspective and how the family as a whole is impacted. PA  PT, OT and SLP/A Board Approved

Treatment of Torticollis in Infants and Toddlers (2 Credits) - This course uses written instruction, photos and videos to discuss incidence, and evaluation tools, demonstrate treatment for torticollis, and to give guidelines as to length of treatment needed for resolution of torticollis in infants and toddlers. PA PT and OT Boards Approved

Home Visitor Courses

Compliance for the Home Visitor (1 Credit)Compliance Module for staff who provide services in the home or community describing requirements as stipulated by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Cultural Competency - Working with Amish (1 Credit)Working with Amish families in their community presents both challenges and learning opportunities to the home visitor or anyone in health services.

Cultural Competency - Rural Poor (1 Credit)Training to help increase awareness, understanding and appreciation of different perspectives and cultural influences when working with rural poor families in their home communities.

Cultural Competency - Deaf Culture (2 Credits)This course describes how the Deaf culture is more than a means of communication among the Deaf community, and the characteristics of the culture, including differences between Oral and ASL approaches and their effect on Deaf culture.